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Family-owned Supreme Development specializes in construction that improves the aesthetic and vitality of the local community and instills a sense of pride. Since our founding in 2000, we have completed a wide range of residential and commercial projects in Norfolk County. From a sweeping revitalization project in historic Dedham Square to a 60-acre subdivision of single-family homes, we are known for our high standards of quality and “can do” attitude–no matter how complex the project.


A project designed to rebuild and revitalize a beloved community is a very complex and time-consuming undertaking. These projects involve extensive social and economic planning as well as the approval of the community at large, not to mention the countless committee and board meetings required to obtain permits. Supreme Development has risen to this challenge and has successfully produced several such projects.

Dedham Square

“Giorgio Petruzziello has done a good job redeveloping a number of parcels. Dedham Square has definitely been revitalized by the mixed-use projects”

– John Sisson, Director of Economic Development, Dedham, Massachusetts

Dedham Square, Dedham

When the Legacy Place Shopping Center received approval for construction, many feared it would be detrimental to the heart of the town, Dedham Square. As a major stakeholder in Dedham Square and lifelong resident of Dedham, Giorgio Petruzziello began working tirelessly with town officials, residents, business owners, and his bank to help ensure the vitality of this historical town square. His vision, performance, and growing reputation for excellence became the foundation for the overall revitalization.

Giorgio conducted numerous studies – economic, environmental, and traffic – to help guarantee his projects in the Square were economically attractive to businesses, aesthetically pleasing, safe, and convenient. Consideration was given to factors such as who would live here, who would work here, what kinds of businesses could thrive here, the number of residential units the community could support and parking. Would the projects generate enough tax revenue to benefit the town? Would the businesses generate jobs for the local population? To date, Petruzziello Properties owns commercial and residential buildings in Dedham, including retail and professional spaces, restaurants, and apartments. Petruzziello Properties manages all of them.

Dedham Square is a well-loved and thriving community of businesses and residents, due, in part, to Giorgio’s projects which started the trend to rebuild and revitalize this quaint and historic part of town.

Islington Center, Westwood

In the spring of 2016, the town of Westwood posted notices requesting proposals from developers and contractors for the revitalization of the underutilized Islington Center area. Already a major stakeholder in Islington Center, Supreme Development and Petruzziello Properties undertook extensive research, planning, and study of the neighborhood’s unique environmental, economic, and social factors. After working closely with the community and town officials and boards, Supreme Development’s public/private redevelopment plan was approved by the town of Westwood in a public referendum. Again, the reputation and trust Giorgio had earned from his earlier Dedham Square projects was key to this new project’s approval.

The Islington Center redevelopment includes commercial, residential, and mixed use buildings. Every effort was made to ensure that commercial and retail tenants are vital to the community and contribute to the social and financial health of the neighborhood.

As of 2020, the building phase of the redevelopment project continues, with the next phase including a 55,000 square foot mixed use building housing 18 condominium units and offering residents true ownership in their community. There is also 15,000 square feet of retail and commercial space to attract restaurants, coffee shops, and retailers to populate and revitalize the Center.

Overhead view of CVS

“For more than two years, various boards and committees, including the Board of Selectmen, Planning Board, Finance and Warrant Commission, Conservation Commission, and Islington Center Task Force, studied the Islington Center Redevelopment Proposal submitted by Petruzziello Properties in response to the Town’s RFP. Thoughtful and constructive discussions over this long period of time led to the development of a comprehensive project, which was carefully designed to benefit Islington Center and the Town as a whole for years to come.”

– Town of Westwood, Massachusetts Website


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